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2 days ago · The patient perspective: seeking answers with genetic testing

Many patients and their families search for years for answers to undiagnosed medical conditions, hoping for a diagnosis and treatment to help relieve often debilitating symptoms. Some of these patients may be candidates for whole exome sequencing, a genetic test that looks [...]

Fri, May 19 6:00am · Personalized care for aggressive breast cancers: 4 steps forward from the BEAUTY study

Chemotherapy substantially reduces the chance that certain types of breast cancer will return or spread to other parts of the body and improves survival. Chemotherapy before surgery is a standard approach to treat women with aggressive breast cancer. However, chemotherapy does not shrink tumors in all women. Mayo [...]

Fri, May 12 2:26pm · Mayo Clinic launches first-in-world mate-pair sequencing test

Many families are on a medical journey to find answers to a loved one’s undiagnosed disease. This can be painfully frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. Now, a new test from Mayo Clinic hopes to help patients who may be at a diagnostic “dead end” with other genetic testing. [...]

Wed, May 10 10:30am · It’s all in your record – helping physicians manage your genomic data, provide personalized care

Genomic testing offers hope for better individualized therapies to improve your health. One hurdle that may be standing between you and precision medicine is how to integrate the vast amounts of genomic data into your electronic health record in a format [...]

Fri, May 5 1:18pm · IM Conference: How your microbiome – the bacteria inside you – impacts your health

We each have our own unique microbial habitat – or community of bacteria within and on our bodies, called the microbiome. Investigators in the rapidly growing field of microbiome research are beginning to understand why changes in our microbiome – either from disease or environmental factors – can cause [...]

Wed, May 3 1:46pm · A personalized approach to brain tumor surgery

By Susan Buckles New technology invented and used only at Mayo Clinic lets physicians plan an individualized approach to brain surgery. Brain magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) allows surgeons to see inside a patient’s skull and determine the firmness of a brain tumor before surgery. Slip interface imaging is [...]

Fri, Apr 28 9:53am · Early career investigators – share your passion for precision medicine

Scholarships for the Individualizing Medicine Conference Are you a graduate student, post-doctoral fellow or early career faculty member involved in precision medicine research?  Here’s a great opportunity to present your research before some of the most influential physicians and scientists in precision medicine – all while learning from [...]

Tue, Apr 25 12:17pm · Energizing precision medicine researchers of the future

Engage. Inspire. Mentor. This is part of our mission at Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine. We want to energize and [...]

Thu, Apr 6 4:47pm · Mayo Clinic investigators share precision medicine research and practice at 10th ISABS Conference

Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine physicians and scientists will join Nobel Prize winners and other worldwide leaders in precision medicine in presenting the latest research and application to patient care. Twelve people from the Rochester, Florida and Arizona campuses [...]

Thu, Apr 20 1:25pm · Developing new tests to find and defeat cancer at its earliest stages

By Susan Buckles Mammography and other screening tools have made great strides in finding cancer early, when it is most likely to be successfully treated. However, some early-stage cancers are missed by conventional screening and are only detected when symptoms occur. Mayo Clinic and other research institutions [...]
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