March 29, 2013

“Cancer Breakthrough” — NBC’s Take on Genomics at Mayo Clinic

By Center for Individualized Medicine

"Cancer Breakthrough." Their words. Not ours. But we really can't disagree.

NBC News' Chief Science and Health Correspondent Robert Bazell was recently on campus visiting patients, doctors and facilities associated with Individualized Medicine.

Bazell this week filed a report from Mayo Clinic in Rochester on a new study that found a large number of cancer genes that highlights the Center for Individualized Medicine. Find the NBC report here:

Bazell highlights Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., director of patient experience in rochester, and Fergus Couch, Ph.D. The shots include those of the Medical Genome Facility and some of technology used in these discoveries.

More information about Couch's breast cancer research is available from Discovery's Edge.

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