April 24, 2013

New York Hospitals Searching Genomes, Mayo has Clinic in Operation

By Center for Individualized Medicine

Check out this blog entry from Advancing the Science

Readers of the New York Times yesterday saw a nice overview story of how the leading research hospitals in the metro area are competing to use genomic and molecular tools to attack cancers of various types. It’s always good to see the Times is keeping track of science in its own back yard. It’s all about mapping genomes to check for mutations or alterations that might not be apparent, and then seeing if those differences can be targeted by an existing therapy. It’s experimental. In New York.

In Rochester, and Jacksonville and Scottsdale/Phoenix, Mayo Clinic is doing something similar. Except it’s an established clinic called the Individualized Medicine Clinic, where physicians are using similar tools to solve cancer cases and what are called “diagnostic odyssey” cases. Those are the mysteries no one has yet resolved. These are not research protocols, though Mayo is conducting plenty of those, too. This is clinical. Patients are referred or contact the office directly. Their cases are discussed and some on taken on…and the work begins. It is part of Mayo’s Center for Individualized Medicine, an innovative entity that is pushing at bringing reliable genomic-based medicine into practice. Genomic approaches are being used every day in almost every medical area at Mayo. It’s not science fiction.

So if you have looked for answers for cancer or an unknown condition that you think may be genetic and you haven’t been able to find a diagnosis or cause, contact us. Ask for the Individualized Medicine Clinic. It’s the beginning of a new approach to medicine.

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