January 2, 2014

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, Sees Genetics as “Unfathomably Important”


Not one to shy from giving bold predictions, Google Chairman and Mayo Clinic Trustee Eric Schmidt sat down with Bloomberg TV to talk on trends to watch for in 2014. One area of interest was the ability to have your personal genomic sequence available to you. The trove of medically relevant information stored in your genome already has led to many new approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment, but we are just scratching the surface. The collation of genomes sequenced over the past few years has set the stage for new breakthroughs in cancer research and diagnostics over the next year, Schmidt said.

The ability to have personal genetics records and the ability to start gathering all of the gene sequencing ... will yield discoveries in cancer treatment and diagnostics over the next year that are unfathomably important.

Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman and Mayo Clinic Trustee

With the clinical implementation driven by our Translational Programs (Biomarker Discovery, Clinomics, Microbiome, Epigenomics, and Pharmacogenomics) and in our Individualized Medicine Clinic, the access to genomic medicine at Mayo Clinic is expanding dramatically.

We are excited for 2014 to show many more strides to offering new clinical practices, that result in the right treatment, and the right time for the right patient.

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