June 2, 2014

Join Us Tonight at #Bioethx Twitter Chat

By AJ Montpetit

bioethx twitter chat


We have been asked to co-host the BioethxChat tonight on Twitter ( #bioethx ), June 2nd at 8:30 pm (EST), to discuss Individualized Medicine and Ethics. The BioethxChat is run by @jchevinsky, to reach an interdisciplinary group of students, professionals, and members of the general public. Live chats are hosted every Monday at 8:30 pm (EST).

If this is your first Twitter Chat, we recommend using TweetChat to participate and follow along with the conversation. Below you'll find our questions for the chat, and topics covered.


Questions for tonight's chat:

T1a How much flexibility should be given to patients for what they can and cannot learn about their genome? #bioethx

T1b What are some of the ethical implication of offering genomic testing to the otherwise healthy individual? #bioethx

T2 When providing large scale genomic sequencing to people undergoing IVF, what rights do parents have? Children? #bioethx

T3 Do hospitals have an obligation to update patients already sequenced as new genomic knowledge surfaces? #bioethx

T4 What impact will genomic medicine have on existing healthcare disparities? #bioethx




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