July 8, 2014

Missouri is 19th State Signing Breast Density Bill into Law

By AJ Montpetit

As of today, women in 31 states leave their yearly mammogram appointment without the knowledge of their own breast density number. This single data point is important in tailoring personalized care for each woman, and assisting in possible further preventative care.

Are You Dense, Inc. released a press release announcing the passing of the 19th state bill, which made into law in the state of Missouri, to include breast density information in a patient's mammography reporting results.

"Too many women are unaware of the effects of breast density, but this knowledge can save lives by leading to earlier breast cancer detection," notesĀ Representative Sue Allen of Missouri.

Hitting closer to home here at the Center for Individualized Medicine, Deborah Rhodes, M.D., has been working with a team of researchers to develop a new tool that is 3 times as effective as traditional mammograms for women with dense breasts. By offering another option for cancer detection, Dr. Rhodes, and the team at Mayo Clinic, are creating more individualized options that can help with early detection of tumors in the breast.

Watch Dr. Rhodes speaking at TEDTalks on the research being done at Mayo Clinic, and the story behind the work.





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