February 10, 2015

Building a National Cohort for Precision Medicine

By Center for Individualized Medicine


NIH Precision Medicine Workshop


With the State of the Union announcement of the $215 Million Precision Medicine Initiative, one of the most exciting aspects of the Initiative was the call for a national cohort for research and genomic sequencing.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) will be hosting a two-day workshop starting tomorrow, February 11th, of which Richard Weinshilboum, M.D., director of the Pharmacogenomics Program at the Center for Individualized Medicine, will be attending.

The NIH workshop will discuss the opportunities and challenges around building a large research cohort focused on precision medicine. There will be several leading experts from many disciplines and sectors, and the event will be webcast live both days.

Four working groups from many scientific disciplines and sectors were assembled in advance of the workshop to identify challenges and opportunities related to building a large research cohort and to outline concrete steps to meet these challenges. The working group members brought expertise in epidemiology, genomics, privacy, health information, and mobile technologies. These reports reflect the views of the authors and were designed to aid discussion at the NIH Workshop and do not represent official NIH findings.

Read the White Papers:


You can follow along online via the webcast here, and on Twitter with #PMINetwork.





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