April 9, 2015

Registration Now Open for Individualizing Medicine Conference 2015

By Jeff Briggs

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You've saved the date, September 21 – 23, 2015. Now, it's time to register for Individualizing Medicine Conference 2015: From Promise to Practice.

Hosted by Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine and supported by the Satter Foundation, Individualizing Medicine 2015 focuses on how to translate the promise of genomic medicine to your practice, whether you're a family practice doctor in Hibbing, Minn., or a genetic counselor at a major research institution.

No longer in the realm of science fiction, genomic medicine has increasingly entered the mainstream of modern healthcare. It's been called individualized medicine, personalized medicine, and recently by President Barak Obama, precision medicine.  But it all means the same thing.  How do practitioners go from base pairs to bedside, from double helix to healthcare? The 2015 conference offers a practical approach to helping medical professionals discover and integrate genomic medicine into routine patient care.

cathy wurzer2Moderated by Minnesota Public Radio's Cathy Wurzer, top experts in the field will discuss emerging topics in applied genomics. Focused breakout sessions, case studies and a poster session will provide opportunities to discover and discuss how you can bring medicine of the 21st century into your daily practice.

Who Should Attend?
If you're in health care, this conference is designed for you. Are you a
• Physician
• Clinician-researchers and scientist
• Genetic counselor
• Nurse practitioners and physician assistant
• Nurse
• Pharmacist
• Laboratory medicine professional
• Bioinformaticians, medical informaticians and information technology professional
• Bioethicist
• Pathologist

If so, you'll want to be in Rochester, Minn., on September 21 for the IM Conference 2015.

Why Attend?
• Learn about the latest findings in genomics and how to apply them to your practice
• Learn practical applications for integrating genomics and pharmacogenomics to individualize patient care
• Discuss strategies to overcome obstacles of implementing genomic sequencing for patient care
• Discuss how to disseminate genomic information to patients through ethical, legal and regulatory frameworks
• Network with professionals in your field
• Share your clinical case studies and research

Conference Opportunities
Designed with the professional in mind, concurrent sessions offer practical genomic medicine applications in practice to in-depth discussions about the microbiome, epigenomics, pharmacogenomics, and more.

Continuing education opportunities are offered.

REGISTER NOW for the Individualizing Medicine Conference 2015.

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