June 7, 2016

Understanding Your Genome, Personalizing Your Medicine

By Jeff Briggs

Jacksonville Panorama

Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine and Illumina Team Up to Bring Understand Your Genome to Public

There is nothing more unique to an individual than his or her genome.  Not a person’s fingerprints, not a retina scan. Even though we share over 99 percent of our DNA with other humans, it’s that small percentage of variations that differentiate us from our friends and neighbors, from even our closest relative. It is our genome that makes us truly unique.

Harvard geneticist Robert Green has called the genome “the Book of Life.” Up until recently, however, people haven’t been able to read that book.  But now they can.  With technology improving and costs dropping, getting a copy of your personal Book of Life is becoming available to more and more people.

UYG Panel 1The Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine in Florida and Illumina are teaming up to make this opportunity available to the public — before they get sick, before they have their genome sequenced to treat a rare cancer or to end a long diagnostic odyssey. The Center for Individualized Medicine and Illumina are hosting an Understand Your Genome event to be held on October 15, 2016, in Jacksonville, Florida.

The goal of the Understand Your Genome symposium is to facilitate the adoption of clinical whole genome sequencing as a means to advance human health through responsible, targeted educational outreach. As an attendee, you will not only experience a highly relevant, deeply personal, and richly educational program, but will also be a part of an exciting movement that is pioneering the application of genomics-based healthcare into mainstream clinical practice.

Understand Your Genome is designed for current and future leaders who seek to be among the first to understand and leverage genomics to aid in the management of both illness and wellness.

Understand Your Genome provides a unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about the information encoded within your own genome. This educational symposium is designed to engage individuals to learn about the untapped potential of DNA to improve health care and management. It is a dynamic community of individuals who are paving the way for precision medicine, and a new standard of care.

After having your genome sequenced in the CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory, your physician will receive your clinical reports with interpretation for variations across more than 1,200 medical conditions, and response to 16 different drugs. We are happy to customize your results to remove any information you are not interested in exploring. Additionally, you will be able to access your individual whole genome data using our MyGenome visualization tools.

Registration to the conference includes attendance at the one-day UYG symposium at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville on October 15. Participants will also receive the TruGenome™ Predisposition Screen, clinical reports of the findings, and a visual display of their genomic information on the MyGenome application. Mayo Clinic experts will share how Mayo is translating this technology into the clinical practice for patients.

Registration closes July 3, 2016 so please register early.

Samples must be received at Illumina by July 15, 2016 or your registration will be cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded.

More Information
If you have questions about the symposium, please contact Lindsay Fogel.

Sequencing and Conference: $3,100
(Pricing includes $2,900 for the TruGenome™ Predisposition Screen plus a $200 conference registration fee)

October 15, 2016

Mayo Clinic
Kinne Auditorium
4500 San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32224

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