October 1, 2018

Mayo Clinic GeneGuide DNA testing application provides genetic testing, insights backed by Mayo Clinic expertise

By Colette Gallagher

Today Mayo Clinic launched a new effort to raise awareness for genetic testing and how that may affect health and risk for disease. Mayo Clinic GeneGuide combines genetic testing with a web-based educational application to help consumers understand information about their own genetic background.

Matthew Ferber, Ph.D.

“The Mayo Clinic GeneGuide app puts a wealth of information at a user’s fingertips from experts in genetic medicine. Consumers have access to scientifically-based data that uncover personal genomic insights, backed up with world class educational material. This helps individuals understand their results and learn the language of genetics so they can have informed discussions with their health care providers,” says Matthew Ferber, Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic genomics researcher who led the development of the app.

Mayo Clinic GeneGuide was developed in conjunction with Helix, a partner that handles sample collection, DNA sequencing, and provides secure data storage. Mayo Clinic GeneGuide returns the individual’s personalized genetic test results for select conditions and helps them understand how their genetic makeup, together with their lifestyle and environment, can impact their overall health and wellness.

Keith Stewart, M.B., Ch.B.

“Mayo Clinic is a trusted partner for consumers who wish to learn more about their genetics. With the increase in genetic and genomic testing in the consumer and clinical spaces, we believe it is important for Mayo Clinic experts to provide accurate and reliable education to people to raise genomic literacy and educate consumers/patients about genetics,” says Keith Stewart, M.B., Ch.B., Carlson and Nelson endowed director, Center for Individualized Medicine.

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