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Mar 20, 2014 · Your Microbiome May Trigger Diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis

Assuming the Alliance for Technology based Healthcare is correct and ” identifying new biomarkers in intestinal microbial populations and maintaining a balance in gut bacteria could help physicians stop rheumatoid arthritis before it starts.”
My first question is: How are health professionals to be trained to accept this model; and 2ndly how are patients to be encouraged to know their genetic propensity for autoimmune disease such as RA?
In my own case I knew of the family propensity to develop autoimmune disease. My mother has profound osteoporosis and mild RA but severe IBS. My sister has Ulcerative Colitis and SLE from an early age and now at 63 has RA. I developed RA as one of 5 types of arthritis after a stressful fall from the same level followed by gastro / pancreatitis a month later.I was 50y/o at that time and happily engaged in a full time professional role. That had to cease at the end of 2008. The gastro was dismissed after a 4 hour re hydration drip and I sent home at 4am without being told I had pancreatitis. Within 4 months I had developed the 1st of 2 sequential recurrent synovial cysts of L4/5 lateral facet joint. According to Feirstiens list of complications of advanced RA these cysts are common at this level and in the cervical spine.In the past 12 years I have developed all but 2 of the listed complications for RA and many of the complications for Psoriatic arthritis. Add to that inflammatory Osteo A., Reactive A X 3 occasions and Very advanced Osteo A.
My 3rd question is: How are people to be encouraged to attend the right facility for early intervention when they have probably spent thousands of dollars seeking answer from the medical profession as to the source of their debilitating pain and fatigue / exhaustion and medication trials.? More often than not being treated as a hypochondriac.
My 4th questions would be; how are you going to control health insurance bodies from either excluding sufferers from insurance or making the insurance prohibitively expensive.
Don’t get me wrong: I am all for proactive intervention. I have been trying to be proactive since the symptoms of my 1st episode of Inflammatory Osteo A. and the 1st synovial cyst but the medical profession has been the greatest stumbling block causing me to suffer through pain I could never have imagined (Forget 10/10): and surgeons who consider themselves Gods to be pleaded with and bowed down to, to stop the pain asap.
I have even gone as far as having DNA drug dose tests to find out why some drugs appeared to work while other made me ill. If I had known the traumas and loss of function and self esteem i was facing earlier on in this path I have been forced to travel , I would have seriously considered suicide because no one should have to live like this
in late 2013,I was diagnosed with a. Grade 2 breast cancer and had yet another God like surgeon who would answer no questions but dictate the process he was prepared to undertake. The insult to my body by positioning for radiation that aggravated my cervical facet joints and the Anastrozole which further ground me under with yet more joint pain has been what I thought what i thought was the last straw, Now I have to trial Rivaroaban because my warfarin has become incredibly erratic for no apparent reason. One has to ask, where does it all end. When is medical science going to take their god given gifts and actively seek to be scientifically proactive?

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