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Feb 17, 2018 · Genetic cardiovascular disease: Is your family at risk?

We need more screening for patients with FH OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. My husband survived a widow maker heart attack this past December. His high blood pressure and cholesterol were controlled, Doesn’t smoke,or drink. His is not obese. He exercises 60 minutes a day most days. His major risk factor is genetic, He had 3 blocked arteries to hi heart. He had 100% blockage of his R carotid artery and 50% blockage on the left. His physician didn’t see any red flags. My husband had no chest painor shortness of breath. We need to advocate for more extensive screening for CAD. Insurance companies would rather pay for screening test vs triple bypass surgery and 2 weeks in intensive care wit multiple complications. Would a Calcium 50 test be appropriate?

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