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A personalized approach to brain tumor surgery

tissue. When used together, physicians can plan the precise amount of time and ... show whether the tumor is soft and can be removed easily, or if it is firm ... complications for the patient,” says Jamie Van Gompel, M.D., a neurosurgeon at Mayo Clinic ... and surrounding tissue. This interface can be capsule-like in which the tumor slides ... the surrounding normal tissue, or it can form a rigid connection in which the

Newly discovered genetic variants in a single gene cause neurodevelopmental disorder, Mayo study finds

how the brain functions. "The gene can now be included in genetic testing for ... in people early on was not very compelling that this could be a single genetic ... affected by SPTBN1-associated disease, we can now provide patients with an answer

Individualizing Medicine Conference 2016: Day 2 Afternoon Session Recap

the afternoon sessions brought compelling presentations and lively discussion ... mechanisms that cause disease which can lead to ways to prevent or slow its ... his compelling research and perspectives on how focusing on wellness can lead ... transitions to disease and how that process can be stopped or slowed. Consumer Genomics ... genomic testing to provide results that can be easily understand by consumers

Should healthy people have their genome sequenced?

questions to determine how genomic testing can be used to promote health, prevent and ... as a keynote speaker to share his compelling research at this year’s Individualizing ... research in precision medicine and how it can be applied to improve treatments for

Using Precision Medicine to Promote Wellness

How can precision medicine be used to prevent ... prevent, treat and cure disease? Can we take precision medicine a step further and ... answer. Dr. Hood will present his compelling research and perspectives in a session ... earlier than is possible today. How can the information gained from the systems

Collaboration key to improving diagnosis and care for patients with rare diseases

diseases. Dr. Gahl will share his compelling research and work with patients with ... research in precision medicine and how it can be applied to improve treatments for

Cancer Treatments from Individualized Medicine

to develop new tests that physicians can use to guide therapy for this aggressive ... 6 patients we analyzed, we found compelling, treatable and unexpected genetic ... context, more appropriate therapies can be chosen that improve outcomes,” says

Staggering Disparity in Breast Cancer Diagnosis: How 100 Miles Make the Difference

(Re-Posted with Author's Permission) Meet Jan and Cindy -- two women who are similar ... cancer within three days of each other, Jan and Cindy experienced two divergent ... after a "normal" mammography report. Jan had an early stage cancer with no node ... What's the culprit? One hundred miles. Jan resides in Connecticut. Since 2009, ... Massachusetts. Three days following Jan's diagnosis, Cindy was diagnosed with

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