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June 23, 2020

Controversial CRISPR case in China raises stakes for how genetic research is conducted

By Jay Furst Jay Furst (@jayfurst)

Mayo Clinic colleagues take a close look at what went wrong with the process in China and how it challenged the implicit “social contract” between science and society In November 2018, a Chinese biophysicist used a gene-editing technique known by the acronym CRISPR to edit human embryos for reproductive purposes, and he announced the birth […]

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May 6, 2016

Is Gene Editing in Our Future?

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

  Much has been made about the promise and perils of gene editing and CRISPR Cas9 technology.  The Center for Individualized Medicine’s Kristin Clift offers an introduction to this powerful gene editing tool that holds the potential of allowing scientists to modify DNA with extreme precision. By Kristin Clift Imagine you’re a patient and your […]

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Tags: #CRISPR-Cas9, center for individualized medicine, CRISPR, Dr. Paldeep Atwal, gene editing, Kristin Clift

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