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October 3, 2016

Precision Medicine Research and Patient Care Converge at #CIMCon16

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

We are at a crossroads in precision medicine – a time that is right for moving new genomic discoveries from the laboratory to patient care. This week, leading researchers, clinicians and biotechnology innovators will convene to talk about how advances in genomics can be placed into the hands of practicing physicians at Individualizing Medicine 2016: […]

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Tags: #CIMCon16, #Consumer genomics, #DNA analysis, #DNA sequencing costs, #Genomics research, #Individualized Medicine 2016: Advancing Care Through Genomics, #Patient care, #PrecisionMedicine, center for individualized medicine, DNA Sequencing, individualized medicine, mayo clinic

September 14, 2016

Navigating a Genetic Maze for Clues to Solve a Mystery: The challenges and rewards of genetic counseling

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

Article by Colette Rector, Public Affairs Updated Nov. 2018 All of us walk around with billions of pieces of genetic information stored in our DNA. This information explains everything from our eye color to the shapes of our faces to the length of our bones. If sequenced and understood, genetics can also point to the […]

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Tags: #Careers in genetic counseling, #Diagnostic Odyssey Clinic, #DNA analysis, #Genetic diseases, #Genomics data, center for individualized medicine, DNA Sequencing, Genetic Counselors, mayo clinic, Precision Medicine, Teresa Kruisselbrink

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