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January 2, 2018

Finding individualized treatments in liver disease and beyond

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

In 1999, as a promising young physician-scientist, Konstantinos Lazaridis, M.D. was given an opportunity for additional research training as a Mayo Clinic Scholar. With the goal to establish an innovative, research program on liver disease in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology his mentors suggested he make a choice between studying human genomics and hepatitis […]

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Tags: #Dr. Eric Lander, #family registry, #Mayo Clinic Clinomics Program, #PBC, #primary biliary cholangitis, #primary scleroscing cholangitis, #PSC, center for individualized medicine, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Konstantinos Lazaridis, Liver disease, mayo clinic

May 26, 2016

Mayo Clinic to be Home of National Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort Program Biobank

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

Mayo Clinic will be awarded $142 million in funding over five years by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to serve as the national Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort Program biobank. The biobank will hold a research repository of biologic samples, known as biospecimens, for this longitudinal program that aims to enroll 1 million or […]

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Tags: Biobank, Biospecimens, center for individualized medicine, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. John Noseworthy, Dr. Keith Stewart, Dr. Mine Cicek, Dr. Stephen Thibodeau, National Institutes of Health, NIH, PMI, Precision Medicine

July 24, 2015

Trailblazer Genomic Scientist to be Keynote Speaker at 2015 Individualizing Medicine Conference

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

One of the world’s leading geneticists, J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., has innovated and infuriated in equal measure. He may be best known for being the first person to sequence his own genome, back in 2001, but his accomplishments in genomics reach far and wide—often with controversy attached. Leaving Newport, Calif., and the Southern California surfing scene, […]

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Tags: center for individualized medicine, DNA Sequencing, Dr. Francis Collins, genomic medicine, genomics, individualized medicine, J. Craig Venter, personalized medicine, predictive medicine

July 1, 2015

From Bench to Bedside: How Precision Medicine is Changing the Future

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

Precision medicine is the opposite of one-size-fits-all therapy. An emerging approach to preventing or treating diseases, it factors in individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle in order to custom-tailor treatment. Although it is still far from becoming a routine part of clinical medicine, the Precision Medicine Initiative unveiled by President Barack Obama in January […]

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Tags: Aspen Ideas Festival, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. John Noseworthy, individualized medicine, personalized medicine, Precision Medicine, Precision Medicine Initiative

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