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September 20, 2015

Patient and Public Symposium Recap

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

Why is family history important when discussing genomic medicine? What does right drug, right dose at the right time mean? Don’t doctors always do that? Why is my DNA important to understanding and treating my father’s diabetes and my brother’s depression? How can pharmacogenomics help with my mother’s cancer treatment? What the heck does any […]

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Tags: cancer, center for individualized medicine, CGC, DNA, Dr. Eric Matey, Dr. Matthew Ferber, Dr. Svetomir Markovic, Dr. Timothy Curry, genetic, Genetic Counseling, genomics, Geoffrey Beek

September 4, 2015

Family History: The First Genetic Test

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

Family health history is often called the first genetic test. Collecting your family’s health history is critical to understanding your health and your children’s health. You might not realize that your brother’s diabetes, your father’s congestive heart failure or your mother’s breast cancer can affect you, your children and their children. Knowing family history information […]

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Tags: center for individualized medicine, Family Health History, Family History, Geoffrey Beek, individualized medicine, Individualized Medicine Conference 2015, Patient and Public Symposium, Teresa Kruisselbrink

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