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August 2, 2017

Expanding the search: genetic testing reveals new targets, treatment options for cancer patients

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

Researchers in Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine are using new genetic tests developed at Mayo Clinic to find more effective therapies for cancer patients who have not benefited from standard treatment and are running out of options. The new tests look at a broader range of genetic characteristics than many standard tests. As a […]

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Tags: #3-d models, #boimarker, #CIMCon17, #DNA analysis, #Dr. Aaron Mansfield, #Dr. George Vasmatizis, #genetic variations, #liquid biopsies, center for individualized medicine, Genetic Testing, genomics, Lung Cancer

May 12, 2017

Mayo Clinic launches first-in-world mate-pair sequencing test

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

Many families are on a medical journey to find answers to a loved one’s undiagnosed disease. This can be painfully frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. Now, a new test from Mayo Clinic hopes to help patients who may be at a diagnostic “dead end” with other genetic testing. The first-in-the-world mate-pair sequencing test identifies chromosome alterations […]

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Tags: #chromosome, #congenital, #developmental, #DNA sequencing tests, #Dr. George Vasmatizis, #Dr. Nicole Lynn Hoppman, #genomic tests, #laboratory tests, #leukemia, cancer, center for individualized medicine, DNA

July 21, 2016

Liquid Biopsies Offer Hope for Earlier Treatment, Better Tracking of Ovarian Cancer

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

Ovarian cancer has long been one of the trickiest forms of cancer to diagnose and treat. It often goes unnoticed until the late stages.  For most women, the cancer goes into remission after the first round of treatment but then returns with a vengeance.  Three-quarters of the time, ovarian cancer comes back with a tumor […]

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Tags: center for individualized medicine, diagnostic, Dr. George Vasmatzis, early detection for ovarian cancer, Liquid biopsy, mate-pair sequencing, mayo clinic, medical research, ovarian cancer, whole genome sequencing

August 1, 2013

Identification of Submicroscopic Genetic Changes and Precise Breakpoint Mapping in Myelofibrosis Using High Resolution Mate-Pair Sequencing

By Center for Individualized Medicine Center for Individualized Medicine (@samuelsmith5209)

  In a recently published article in Hemotology, Center for Individualized Medicine faculty George Vasmatzis, Ph.D., co-authored a study in high resolution mate-pair sequencing. With the use of high resolution mate-pair sequencing (HRMPS) in 15 patients with primary myelofibrosis (PMF): eight with normal karyotype and seven with PMF-characteristic cytogenetic abnormalities, including der(6)t(1;6)(q21–23;p21.3) (n = 4), der(7)t(1;7)(q10;p10) (n = 2), […]

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Tags: center for individualized medicine, genetic, genome, George Vasmatzis, individualized medicine, mate-pair, mate-pair sequencing, myelofibrosis, personalized medicine, whole genome sequencing

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