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August 18, 2021

Uterine microbe found to have disease-causing behavior in endometrial cancer

By Susan Murphy Susan Murphy (@susanmurphy)

A tiny microbe thriving in the uterine microbiome — a population of bacteria, viruses, yeasts/fungi in and around the uterus— could be a contributing driver of endometrial cancer, according to a new Mayo Clinic study.  “We have found that a microbe that is particularly associated with endometrial cancer is capable of pathogenic behavior, and is […]

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Tags: Endometrial cancer, genomics, individualized medicine, Omics

October 30, 2020

Human Genome Project — ‘A race to the starting line’

By Susan Murphy Susan Murphy (@susanmurphy)

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Human Genome Project, an international endeavor that mapped the 3 billion DNA letters that make up the blueprint of human life. The ambitious project began in October 1990 and was completed in April 2003. Today, researchers and clinicians with Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized […]

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Tags: Genomic Sequencing, genomics, Human Genome Project, Omics

September 25, 2013

Individualized Medicine Conference Returns

By AJ Montpetit AJ Montpetit (@ajmontpetit)

The Individualized Medicine Conference is gearing up for it’s second appearance in Rochester, MN. The conference looks to provide a platform for a discussion on what Individualized Medicine is today, the vision for Individualized Medicine in the future, and how to apply Individualized Medicine in the clinical practice. Plenary sessions feature speakers such as Eric Green, M.D., […]

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Tags: #CIMCon2013, Bioethics, cancer, center for individualized medicine, Eric Green, gene sequencing, Genetics, genome, genomics, Howard J. Jacobs, individualized medicine, Omics

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