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July 21, 2021

Researchers review how sex steroids change gut, vaginal microbiome

By Colette Gallagher Colette Gallagher (@colettegallagher)

It is well-established that the human body’s microbiome ― the bacteria in the gut ― dramatically affects health and disease. However, the role of the gut in women’s health outcomes is largely unknown. Mayo Clinic and Wellesley College researchers focused on how the interactions of steroids on gut and vaginal microbiomes influence women’s health outcomes […]

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Tags: Dr. Marina Walther-Antonio, Gut Microbiome, Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine, vaginal microbiome

March 28, 2017

From NASA to Mayo: astrobiologist ‘thinks without boxes’ to fight cancer

By Sharon Rosen Sharon Rosen (@sharonhrosen)

Can the knowledge we have about how organisms grow and behave in outer space help us better understand human diseases such as cancer? Yes, in fact it can. That’s according to Marina Walther-Antonio, Ph.D., an astrobiologist who worked with NASA Astrobiology Institute during her training, examining the biology of extreme environments like those on other […]

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Tags: #Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine Microbiome Program, #medical technology, #microboime, #NASA Astrobiology Institute, center for individualized medicine, Dr. Marina Walther-Antonio, Dr. Nicholas Chia, Endometrial cancer, mayo clinic, medical research, vaginal microbiome

May 23, 2016

Individualized Medicine Open House: Tech, Family, and the Microbiome

By Jeff Briggs Jeff Briggs (@JeffreyBriggs)

By Sara Tiner Your genome on a thumb drive? Family-sourcing health data? Endometrial Cancer and Bacteria? Those were a few of the precision medicine highlights discussed at the April 27 Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM) Open House, where the topic was “Changing Lives Through Research.” Exponential Growth in Technology Surrounded by new, CIM-focused exhibits in […]

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Tags: center for individualized medicine, Dr. Marina Walther-Antonio, Dr. Nicholas Chia, Dr. Purna Kashyap, Endometrial cancer, Family History, individualized medicine, Mayo Clinic Research Information Center, microbiome, Precision Medicine, Sara Tiner, Scott Beck

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