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From Reactive to Predictive: The European Perspective on Individualized Medicine

By Jeff Briggs

Panel 4From reactive to predictive, from treating what has occurred to predicting what diseases will occur and taking proactive steps to intervene. Imagine a future where genomic medicine is fully utilized to find personalized medicine approaches to target treatments for diseased patients … before the onset of clinical symptoms. This future vision is the goal of the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine (EPMA).

Olga Golubnitschaja, M.D. Secretary General, EPMA

Olga Golubnitschaja, M.D.Secretary General, EPMA

Joining us in September at this year’s Individualizing Medicine Conference: From Promise to Practice are two European leaders who are helping make that goal [...]

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Mayo Clinic Bioservices Now Open to External Investigators

By Jeff Briggs

Mayo Clinic Bioservices' robotically-controlled freezer stores 3.5 million biobank samples.

Mayo Clinic Bioservices' robotically-controlled freezer stores 3.5 million biobank samples.

How does dietary sodium affect the stress-related change in heart rate?

That is the question that John Eisenach, M.D., an anesthesiologist for Kaiser Permanente, asked as he started researching the effects of certain genetic alterations and how these changes influence heart and blood vessel function under controlled levels of sodium in the diet.  He needed participants with a specific genotype for this project.  His study team worked three years to recruit volunteers and after that time, had only identified 35 participants.


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National Press Foundation Visits Mayo Clinic

By Jeff Briggs

Visiting journalists were the news this week at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine.

Nat Press Foundation2Twenty national health reporters were in Rochester, Minn., to immerse themselves in precision medicine. Mayo Clinic hosted a four-day National Press Foundation program, so the journalists — selected by the foundation from a larger pool of candidates — could better grasp the complexities and issues of precision medicine.

With President Barack Obama, through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), launching his Precision Medicine Initiative, the National Press Foundation believed it was imperative that journalists become more knowledgeable about precision medicine — also called individualized or personalized medicine. Precision medicine allows physicians to use knowledge [...]

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Reducing Time to Deliver Treatment Plan for Melanoma Patients

By Jeff Briggs

With the emergence of individualized medicine — also known as precision medicine — treating a person as an individual and tailoring health care specific to that patient based on his or her specific genetic makeup improves the chances of a successful treatment plan. Developments in precision diagnostics are a critical driving force in reaching that goal at the Center for Individualized Medicine.

Part of this process may come via molecular testing. A new study on melanoma by Mayo Clinic researchers highlights the important role molecular testing can play in the process.

Because unique, personalized treatment decisions are being made based on molecular data, the collection and management of this data is gaining major importance. The pivotal challenge is to create workflow solutions [...]

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Mayo Clinic to Study 10,000 Patients for Drug-Gene Safety

By Jeff Briggs

CIM Visual Identity 2Today, we have exciting news from the Center for Individualized Medicine. We suspected something was up when we heard Dr. Weinshilboum walking through the halls humming the Bob Dylan folk anthem “The Times They Are a Changin’.” If you care about precision medicine and the role pharmacogenomics plays in the future of health care, they are changing indeed.

The following story was announced this week.

* * *

Mayo Clinic, in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine, is planning to launch a study of 10,000 Mayo biobank members for potential risk of drug reactions or lack of drug effect based on each individual’s genome. Researchers will be [...]

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Individualizing Medicine Conference 2015 Fast Approaching

By Jeff Briggs

Experience PanelWhat? Say it isn’t so!

Is it possible that you lost the link to register for the Individualizing Medicine Conference 2015: From Promise to Practice?

Okay, you’re probably still noodling out the final details of that great idea you have for the poster session on epigenomics or pharmacogenomics or the microbiome.

And could it possibly be true that you haven’t informed all your neighbors and friends of the Patient and Public Symposium that will give them all the information on exactly what individualized medicine — also known as, precision medicine — will mean to them?

Well, the good news is there’s still time to accomplish all of these things. [...]

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Dr. Keith Stewart Talks about Precision Medicine and Biobanks

By Jeff Briggs

Dr Keith Stewart-WP2Precision medicine — also called individualized medicine — got special attention recently when President Barack Obama announced a Precision Medicine Initiative and called for the creation of a national biobank. Dr. Keith Stewart, the Carlson and Nelson Endowed Director of the Center for Individualized Medicine, went on Mayo Clinic Radio on April 25 to discuss the biobank and why it’s important for the future of health care.

Dr. Stewart is also recognized as the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Professor of Cancer Research.

Our colleague Colin Fly was kind enough to transcribe the interview with Dr. Stewart. We’ve posted an edited copy of it here so faithful readers [...]

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What Is Epigenomics And How Is It Helping in the Fight Against Cancer?

By Jeff Briggs

Epigenomics1How is it that identical twins share exactly the same DNA and yet can exhibit dramatic differences in the way that they live and grow, and what illnesses they acquire as they age? It turns out that cells read the genetic code in DNA more like a script to be interpreted than a mold that replicates the same result each time.

Think of the genetic code as a long movie script. Placed in the hands of James Cameron, the script will result in a very different movie than if the exact same script is given to Woody Allen. This is epigenetics—only with your DNA instead of a movie script.

In simplified terms, epigenetics is [...]

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